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"Creating childhood memories for the future one puppet at a time"

Many people have discovered the timeless quailty and immense play value of Pelham Puppets and you too, can discover what enjoyment and fun children can gain from good traditional toys. Each Puppet is hand made and painted by hand. Every puppet is different - no two are ever exactly the same.

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Pelham Puppets QuoteThank you for the beautiful puppets. I was bowled over by the workmanship and it took me back to that wonderful memory of opening the 'yellow box' and receiving my first Pelham Puppet back in the 1960s. Pelham Puppets Quote - Gail, Huddersfield

Pelham Puppets QuoteI'm always amazed at the superb quality of your puppets and you just can't buy real hand made things at such reasonable prices these days. Pelham Puppets Quote- Dale, Kent

Pelham Puppets QuoteMy puppet arrived safely today. I love that you have honoured the past with presentation and packaging paying respect to the Pelham tradition. The quality of the puppet is really exceptional and I like that there is a modern element to the puppet too in that it is very playable and appealing. Pelham Puppets Quote- Margie, London


The New Pelham Puppets

Take a look in the PUPPET SHOP page where you will find the range of puppets available. We can also supply replacement string with fully illustrated instructions should you want to re-string your own vintage Pelham puppets yourself.

"Every puppet is different because each one is
hand made and hand painted
- the 'trade mark' of Pelham Puppets"

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