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Visit the Pelham Puppet SHOP where you will find our exciting range of characters, all completely hand made and painted by hand and suitable for children five years and over. 


Hi there! Thanks for dropping by – remember there’s so much more to discover in the magical world of Pelham Puppets!  

Many people have discovered the timeless quality and immense play value of Pelham Puppets and you too, can discover what enjoyment and fun children can gain from good traditional toys.

“Every puppet is different because each one is hand made and hand painted – the ‘trade mark’ of Pelham Puppets”


In PELPUP NEWS you’ll find ideas, videos and suggestions for using your puppets and news about puppet shows and festivals in the UK

In ABOUT US  you’ll gain an insight into how the puppets are made today and how we strive to keep the magic of puppetry alive

The HISTORY page reveals the origins and development of Pelham Puppets and further information about these unique and beautiful characters that have delighted children for nearly 70 years.



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David Leech, Pelham Puppets, PO Box 3668, Stone, Staffs. ST15 9ER

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