Puppets for children  –  Hand made string puppets

Contact Details:  david@pelhampuppets.uk.com   Pelham Puppets  PO Box 3668  STONE  Staffordshire  ST15 9ER

Visit the SHOP and discover the exciting new range of puppets all completely hand made and painted by hand. Suitable for children age five upwards.

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Please note:  Although I do offer a restringing and repair service for vintage Pelham Puppets, I do not buy them nor provide valuations.

If you are looking for original Pelham Puppets made between 1947 and 1987 then we recommend the Vintage Pelham Puppet Shop where you will find a great range of puppets and an excellent service from Imogen the proprietor.

Contact Details

email:  david@pelhampuppets.uk.com

David Leech, Pelham Puppets, PO Box 3668, STONE, Staffs. ST15 9ER