Following our relocation, please do not send puppets for repairing/restringing to the old address. Email me first and I will provide the new address. Thank you – David Leech.

I was employed full-time at the original puppet factory and I spent the first year or two working for short periods in various departments from moulding, painting, stringing, assembly and woodworking, as the need arose.  This enabled me to gain valuable, hands-on experience of the puppet production process from beginning to end. So you can be sure that any repair you ask for, I will be able to do to your complete satisfaction. 

I offer a restringing and repair service. Restringing is £17.50 for a standard Pelham Puppet.  Puppets such as MacBoozle & Clever Willie are £20 the Skeleton & Mother Dragon cost £25.00 each.

I also offer a full repair & restoration service for all types of Pelham Puppets such as the large display models, like Donald Duck shown here.

Please email me: for details. 

 Guidelines for using your Pelham Puppets 

The videos below show you how to work your puppets and should you get them into a tangle, follow the video guidance carefully and you’ll soon see that untangling is not a huge task.

Guidelines for re-stringing your Pelham Puppets

I offer a restringing and repair service. Restringing is £17.50 to £25.00 for a standard Pelham Puppet. Please email me: for further details.

 The Stringing diagrams below are for Pelham Puppets made from 1955 – 1993

I would like to thank Keith Frederick for allowing me to reproduce the 2 images below.

Below: Original Operating Instructions for vintage, Standard Pelham Puppets. These instructions were included with each puppet sold.

Above: Stringing Guide for Lulabelle

Above: Stringing Guide for Mother Dragon & Operating Instructions for Skeleton

Clever Willie

The Juggling Clown in production in the 1950’s for a few years and reintroduced in 1970. Here are two pages from separate editions of Pelpup News.